Porterville Tandem Paragliding

Porterville is the wow! factor of paragliding and is only for those of you that want to experience paragliding's Cross Country (XC) potential.
This site can be flown all year round, even when the wind is howling in Cape Town.
We limit the number of passengers we fly with at this site to one per available pilot because going cross country can take a long time and you are sure to spend anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours in the air.
Be warned that should you choose to fly cross country at Porterville, people have been known to suffer from motion sickness and because of the climb rates and altitude it will take a while for your pilot come down and land safely.
We launch from a site called Pampoenfontein and land anywhere, so long as it's a long way from where we started. XC flying is our premium service and is the most expensive flight we offer so be prepared to  to spend the entire day out with us.
There will be an additional charge for any transport when flying outside of Cape Town.

(Images courtesy of Cape West Coast and Tripadvisor)



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