Need a pilot to show you the ropes at our local sites? Book your personal guide and rest assured that you have an experienced pilot to advise you at any of our many flying sites. Join our tours to some of the best flying locations in South Africa.

We offer paragliding tours to the Wilderness, Porterville, Hermanus and many other locations in the Western Cape. Our guiding and tours will be conducted personally by Wayne Heuer who has extensive knowledge about the locations, weather and safety considerations that are relevant to the sites you shall be visiting. Tours are conducted in our prime flying season from November to March and be prepared to experience some of the most challenging and rewarding flying conditions you will ever encounter.

Pilots taking part in our tours are expected to be prepared for adventure, African style.

Our tour groups are limited to a maximum so six people. Booking is essential to secure accommodation as well as transport and recovery. Tour duration is only limited by your appetite for flying and you can book for a one, two or three week package or longer. Our destinations are tailored to your needs and will be done in consultation with you to suit all classes of pilots from Beginner to Expert.

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