What Our Thrilled Clients Have To Say

"I loved every minute of it Brett!!  What an awesome experience and you were so reassuring and calm and your skills up there are insane. Thank you, Thank you X."

~ Maryke Van Der Merwe ~

"It is my pleasure to declare that I have flown in tandem with Mr Wayne Heuer as a 60th birthday gift. As a result of his stability, kindness, carefulness and responsibility, it was an enjoyable (in the superlative) and memorable experience!"
~ Mrs. Esther Kroger ~

"This was the coolest thing I have ever done!"
~ Sophy ~

"Totally awesome and the best way to see Cape Town"
~ Vilma ~

"One tandem and I knew I had found my drug of choice."
~ Joe ~

"I could not stop smiling for days afterwards and it is unforgettable."

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