Ready To Take To The Skies?

Instructional Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town is likened to a paradigm shift unlike anything else you have ever experienced.
You don't need to be qualified to take part in this activity and it is ideal for those who want to find out what paragliding is all about but who cannot take time out of their schedule for two days to learn.
Tandem Paragliding is fun and easy, and prior to your flight we will give you a briefing which is safety orientated and will ensure a great take off, flight and landing.
Instructional Tandem Paragliding is fun and easy!! Anyone can do it! The only limitation is weight.  Any person weighing between 20kg - 120kg can fly with us.
There is no minimum or maximum age, though children under 18 years old will need their parents' consent.
Instructional Tandem paragliding is considered safe but as with all aviation sports there is risk and all passengers are required to sign a disclaimer before they undertake this activity.

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