Frequently Asked Questions

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 What should I wear?

You should dress based on the weather on the day. It is compulsory for you to wear closed secure shoes, like trainers, boots or lace up leather shoes. Our launches are quite rugged and it make good sense to protect your feet and ankles. Your pilot will provide you with a helmet which is also compulsory but as for the rest of your attire it is entirely up to you. We do recommend that you protect your legs with long pants and bring a jacket if necessary.

Can I take my camera?

Yes you can take your own camera but it is at our own risk. Your pilot will offer you in-flight photography at a nominal rate which will be given to you immediately after you have safely landed.

 Where do you fly?

We fly at many different locations and our decision is based on the weather on the day. It is our objective to give you the best experience. Please feel free to look at the section on this site covering our different sites. Most people have the desire to fly in Cape Town and are not that keen to fly outside of town. This is sad because very often flight can be short in Cape Town as opposed to better flying at one of our spectacular sites which accommodate the days forecast.

Do I need any training?

No! You will receive a proper launch briefing from you pilot before you are required to undertake the activity. Your pilot is highly qualified to handle every situation. You are required to stand, walk and if necessary run a little and this is all covered in your pre-flight briefing. Landing is easy and is included in you briefing.

Do you fly in season only?

We fly all year round but from different locations depending on the weather. We cannot fly in adverse weather so do not operate on days that are not suitable to safe paragliding flight.

Is it safe?

All aviation sports are considered dangerous and ours is no exception. You will be required to sign and indemnity (waver) prior to your flight and minors will require the signature of their parent/s or legal guardian.

What are the pilot's qualifications?

TFI (Tandem Flight Instructors) are licensed grade C instructors with our controlling body SAHPA*. You can rest assured that they are highly experienced and professional pilots who have been vetted and are required to meet stringent standards. *

Can I enjoy and in-flight beer?

No! You will not be able to fly if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Safety is our number one priority and we would not put ourselves at risk let alone you

Who can fly?

Any person over the weight of 20kg and under the maximum weight of 110kg. Minors will need their parents or guardians written approval on our indemnity form.

What payment options are available?

We accept Direct Deposit payment (EFT) and credit card payments can be done prior to commencing your flight.

Please Note: Bookings are dependent on the weather. We cannot fly in adverse weather so do not operate on days that are not suitable to paraglide safely.
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