Cross Country Paragliding

What is Cross Country Paragliding?

Comprehensive advanced paragliding training.

What is Cross Country Paragliding For?

Pilots wanting to learn more about paragliding and improve their flying skills.

How long is the course?

1 - 2 days

What are the Entry Requirements?

Sahpa Basic License or higher, radio, reserve, water, sun screen, good shoes, a desire to go Cross country and a tolerance for moon country! We also require pilots to use certified paragliders.

What is the course format?

The course starts at 9am and ends at 5pm at whatever site we deem most suitable for the day.

Practical Instruction
  • Launching: Solve launch problems and learn to choose the best moment to launch.
  • Thermalling: We will teach you some tricks of the trade to help you learn or perfect your thermalling technique.
  • X-country: We will guide you to house thermals, up to base, off and away to a goal set in the morning.
  • Comps: Attempt a task under our guidance.
  • Safety: Prevent, control and recover from deflations and practice deploying your reserve.

The purpose of the clinic is to enable pilots to gain a full understanding of the principles of thermalling and cross-country flying.

We will try to achieve this through a mixture of discussion and practical flying, depending of course, on the weather conditions.

Where is the course done?

Porterville is a popular site as well as Hermanus Sir Lowry's pass and De Aar (towing - and De Aar is a long way away so the course is more expensive at this venue). We will use whichever sites offer the best potential conditions.

When is the next course?

See our calendar for upcoming courses.

How many pilots do the course?

Course size is restricted to eight pilots so make sure to book early to make sure you are not disappointed! See pictures in the photo gallery or click here to book now!



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