About Paraglide South Africa

Wayne Heuer, CEO and Founder of PSA, is a highly competent tandem pilot with over 20 years of paragliding experience under his belt.
Wayne is licensed with the South African Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association and is the Licensing and Safety Officer (LSO) for the Western Cape Tandem Pilots, otherwise known as TFI pilots.
Paragliding is his passion and he will be very happy to share it with you but always putting your safety first.
Having completed well over 3000 flights, Wayne has excellent local flying knowledge and is a Licensed Instructor.

"Paragliding was introduced to me at a surfing contest in Durban, South Africa in 1994 and I began flying that same year. Now flying actively for in excess of 20 years and still going strong, I am as much in love with paragliding now as when it was first introduced to me. These days, I get an added bonus of sharing my passion for paragliding with people through teaching paragliding and tandem paragliding flights. The joy on people's faces once they have experienced flight is hugely rewarding for me and no doubt for them too.

Flying for me is not just about self satisfaction, although a weekend away flying, is equal to a month off work. It is one of the best stress relief treatments I have ever known. Paragliding requires discipline and there are laws in place that govern this activity which is referred to as free flight. I hold positions of responsibility with both our club and national governing body as Licensing & Safety Officer. It is my goal to introduce you to flying in the safest possible way whilst delivering complete satisfaction that will ensure you return home to share your experience with your family and friends. After all, your word of mouth recommendation is my best advertisement"

Meet The Team


Marcus is an independent pilot.
He is proudly Capetonian and has been paragliding intensively for over 7 years.  He loves sharing the exhilarating experience of human flight with others and enjoys being able to meet people from all over the world and give them an opportunity to tick something this exciting off their bucket lists! Marcus is also a black belt karate instructor so he understands the importance of focus, control and precision in everything he does.



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